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Tory Lanez Responds To Cassidy Calling Him Out Over Freestyle

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanes calls Cassidy one of his favorite rappers in his response to accusations of stealing bars.

The Canadian singer/rapper catches some heat from Cassidy over the use of his flows and beats without any proper acknowledgment or agreement. Cass hopped onto Instagram to share a compilation video of Tory Lanez freestyling over some of the beats of his hottest track, as well as comments from fans questioning the originality of Tory’s flows and bars.

The video takes it back to a 2017 freestyle Tory Lanez did, as Cassidy’s original lyrics are cleverly into those done by Lanez. Fast forward to July 21, 2021, when Tory stopped by Funk Master Flex for his freestyle session, he used Cassidy’s flow and bars throughout that performance. Cassidy, who is best known for cuts such as “Get No Better,” “I’m A Hustla,” and “Hotel” with R. Kelly, positioned himself as a fan of Tory Lanez while calling for more respect.

“I’m @torylanez favorite rapper #RNS Ain’t no denying that. #GoatGang Show me the respect I deserve & #LetsGetToThisChicken #BARSisBack #DaEnergy,” he captioned the video.

Tory Lanez has since responded to the request for more respect by sharing that the move was simply in honor of Cassidy’s legacy.

“You are one of my favorite rappers Cas… What’s the problem?” Tory questioned. “I guess this is what happens when you try to pay homage… The first freestyle I shouted ya name out becuz you did inspire me. The second one I went on YOUR beat. Sh*t is sad how you old n***as be mad at the young n***as for not showing love then when we do…we get responses like this,” he continued.

A few months ago, Yung Bleu called out Tory Lanez for penning and releasing a remix of his song “Your Mines Still” without any proper clearance or acknowledgment. Lanez would later apologize to the young rapper, and pretty soon, both men were connecting in the studio.

It’s uncertain if Cassidy and Lanez will be able to patch things up so quickly especially considering that Tory is knee-deep in planning a mega after-party which will take place following the Rolling Loud festival this Saturday. You can check out the picture of the mansion below.