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Safaree Advice Iggy Azalea How To Handle Cyberbullies Targeting Her Son

Safaree gave Iggy Azalea some advice amid cyberbullies targeting her son.

The Australian rapper was irate after fans sought to troll her son Onyx for wearing a cute green dinosaur outfit rather than a designer fit, given that both of his parents are rich. Iggy Azalea took to Twitter to straighten out a fan who responded to the photo showing Onyx playing with his toys while wearing the outfit and some cute sandals.

“his outfit of choice today,” Iggy captioned the photo she shared.

However, one fan took it too far when he re-shared the post – “where carti at this n***ga needs to be in raf immediately.”

Iggy immediately checked the fan as she called him out “imagine being so miserable that you bully a one year old child for picking his own outfit,” she said before adding, “Y’all so corny and bored and its really a damn shame.”

One-year-old Onyx was born in 2020 to Iggy and Atlanta rapper Playboi Carti. However, since their split and co-parenting, fans of Carti have consistently tried to troll Iggy and her baby, at one time going so far as to troll her over the name of the baby.

Meanwhile, Iggy Azalea added her son could wear whatever he wanted to wear.

“It really does! My son is awesome and sweet and can wear whatever he wants. He doesn’t need to be in designer sh*t 24/7 he’s been richer than most of y’all since he was birthed. Never forget.”

She also noted that Carti’s fans have been rude to his son because they don’t like her.

“my child is not a sub-brand for his own fathers fans to obsess over or clown on because the reality is that y’all don’t like his mom so you think it’s cute to be rude about a baby and what funny stuff he wears. Know that I will smack you in person and so will his dad,” she added.

As another fan tried to deflect the issue by insisting that it “wasn’t that deep,” Safaree jumped in to offer advice to Iggy.

“Don’t post him. We live in a sick sad world. Where innocent kids are tainted with evil eyes.”

Fans, however, was quick to jump in and silence Safaree, who is being dragged online for not being present for the birth of his child, and as his wife, Erica Mena, accuses him of being a negligent father.