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Justin Bieber Breaks Drake Billboard Hot 100 Record

Justin Bieber has set a new career record as he dethrones Drake and now is the youngest artist to secure 100 songs on the Billboard charts. It’s a new milestone for Bieber, who is only 27 years old.

The Canadian pop singer has notably risen from being a teenage sensation to a cross-over artist from pop into R&B music and is one of the most commercially successful artists in the music industry.

His dominance shows the artist’s likability and strong fan base, making his new achievement even more remarkable since Drake is also on the same level as Bieber and currently holds the Billboard artist of the decade title.

Both Justin Bieber and Drake are Canadians, and they remain among the most popular mainstream artists of the decade. However, it seems that Bieber is now challenging Drake musically for the same accolades and achievements despite being in two different genres.

On Wednesday, Bieber usurped Drake as the youngest solo artist in history to secure one-hundred entries on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. It’s a record Drake previously held.

The milestone was accomplished by the pop singer’s Kid LAROI collaboration “Stay,” which currently stands in the third position on Billboard and has been among the top ten singles since dropping on July 9, 2021.

Drake previously held the same record in 2015 when he was at the same age as Bieber.

Between Drake and Bieber, the latter has proven to be a dominant force as few artists are able to accomplish the feat. His music remains a fan favorite, as seen by the number of likes fans leave on his music.

Meanwhile, among those Bieber has left in the dust are JAY-Z with 102, Chris Brown with 103, and a two-way tie between Kanye West and Elvis Presley with 109. Drake posed a formidable challenge at 235.