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Young M.A Responds To Pregnancy Rumors As She Trends On Twitter With Kodak Black

Young M.A has responded to rumors spreading on Twitter that she is pregnant and of course folks injected Kodak Black name into the mix.

Young M.A became the center of a curious case of Twitter going crazy when it was reported that the Queen Of New York was pregnant with a child. The 29-year-old quickly snuffed out that rumor when she hopped onto Instagram.

It all started after the rapper conducted an interview with Headkrack on Dish Nation. During the interview, the host shifted from questions about her brand new album Off The Yak to queries about her plans for the future. The rapper made it clear that she wanted to have kids and possibly to do so when married to her girl.

“Absolutely! I want a boy,” said the rapper. “I want a boy first and then a girl. That’s it… I told my girl this…because he’d be the one taking care of his little sister and he got to hold it down.”.

She explained that she would rather it this way since that’s how it was with her brother when growing up.

While it’s unclear who started the rumor, it was quickly assumed that M.A. would be the one bringing the child. Twitter users joked that Kodak Black might actually be the dad since the “Tunnel Vision” rapper had previously hinted that he would have no problems sleeping with Young M.A, who is openly gay.

Young M.A caught wind of the rumor, which spread like wildfire across Twitter, and quickly reiterated what was said in her interview.

“Of course, my girl is the one that’s gone be pregnant,” Young M.A wrote. “That’s why I looked at her and mentioned her smh. Y’all bored lol, but I get it… Sell ya stories, and we workin’ on one now.”

It has not been revealed who is the rapper’s current girlfriend. However, she was previously linked to model Mya Yafai. Young M.A has recently completed her stint in rehab and is now chowing down on some of her favorites, including Jamaica’s national dish of ackee and saltfish, as she promotes her new video for “Hello Baby” off her new project.