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Lil Nas X Make Light Of Satan Shoes Trial In ‘Industry Baby’ With Jack Harlow Teaser

Lil Nas X is anticipating his upcoming trial brought by Nike over the controversial “Satan shoes,” featured in his “Montero” video. The artist metaphorically played an angel descending into hell to seduce the devil only to become him.

Instead of keeping a low profile like many would, the artist shared a video where he makes light the gravity of the situation.

On Monday, the artist shared a two-minute clip posted to YouTube featuring Jack Harlow where he makes fun of the entire situation, which might actually be quite costly for the artist.

The skit serves as an intro for the platinum singer for his upcoming new song “Industry Baby” with Jack Harlow. The clip credits include Take a Daytrip and Kanye West in co-production.

Lil Nas X has been trying to make light of the situation since Nike sued his co-collaborator for the Satan Shoes – MSCHF. There was a huge outcry online following the disclosure that the shoes were made with human blood and selling for a special auction price.

Despite that, the artist joked on Monday about going to jail amidst the pending court appearance.

“Me in jail today when n***as start asking me if I’m a bottom,” he said on Twitter with an accompanying video from his “Industry baby” promo video that shows him testifying on the stand while wearing a jail overall. The other characters are also played by him.

“All jokes aside I can’t believe I might be going to jail. Who’s going to make mildly funny tweets about being gay while I’m away,” Lil Nas X asked in a second tweet.