Jada Kingdom Fumes Over Teejay Collab Says She Did Not Authorize Its Release

Jada Kingdom is not happy with her latest collaboration with fellow Dancehall artiste Teejay. The singer addressed her discontent over the single “Love Experience” in a recent Live on Instagram.

The song, which was produced by Slingerz Records and Top Braff Music, was released on July 16, and according to Jada, it was released without her knowledge.

Before venturing on a lengthy rant about the single, Jada Kingdom made it clear that her intention was not to disrespect or embarrass anyone that had anything to do with the song’s production but said she felt as if she wasn’t rated.

The singer said she submitted her vocals for the feature to Teejay’s production team, following which they allegedly made some changes to the demo. Kingdom said they sent her the revised audio, which she wasn’t comfortable with, and that she made that fact known to the team.

She explained, saying, “so I did a song with Teejay, him link me fi do di song, you know mi nuh hitch cause you know a mi singer dat, you done know. I sent over the demo, like you know, pre-mix it likkle bit make it sound nice ray ray ray cause one ting bout my demo dem, when mi send my demo a basically exactly how the final suppose to sound right.”

The “Wasteman” singer continued, “dem send mi back a version weh mi never did comfortable with but dem fight me pon it, fight mi pon it and den me fight dem pon it and dem say you know alright mi a go listen to you. Dem never listen to me! Dem still end up upload fi dem version, the wrong version.”

She claimed that she was not notified prior to the drop and woke up to a surprise release.

“Mi wake up out a di blues, out a nowhere, Mi have music video out! Mi nuh even know when music video drop,” the artiste said.

While acknowledging that the mix wasn’t terrible, Jada said she did not like how she sounded in the uploaded version of the final mix. She said her voice is unique, and only a select few know how to mix properly.

On the issue of fans asking why she didn’t promote the single, Jada said if she didn’t support the artiste, she wouldn’t have done the collaboration. Also, if she was truly unaware of the release, then she would have been unable to promote the single.

At the end of her rant, the singer shared a message from Teejay’s team acknowledging that they had uploaded the wrong mix and apologizing to the singer.

She also said the deejay’s team has agreed to remove the current version of the song and upload a new one.

She said, “now dem a go tear it down and we a go upload it back again. When I’m happy everybody is happy, if mi nuh happy nobody caan bloodcl**t sleep in yah!”

Despite Kingdom’s discontent, the song has had a positive reception so far, having gained 350,000 views on YouTube in 5 days. It’s currently trending at #10 on YouTube’s trending music chart.