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Spice Explains Her Blue Hair Origins & What Being Queen Of Dancehall Represents

Spice is opening up about the origins of her signature blue hair and what being the Queen of Dancehall represent for her.

If it’s one thing that you can be assured is that no matter what, Spice always reps Jamaica. She’s never forgotten the island that influenced her career and helped her burst onto the dancehall stage. Even now, as she lives in Atlanta with her family and is a mainstay on the cast of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Spice never forgets to proudly display her love for her native land.

In a recent interview with BET, she once again showered Jamaica with love and respect. She explained that she loved just about every aspect of Jamaican culture, including food.

Her love of her culture permeates her entire being, she went on to say, including how she dresses and how she presents herself. This could be seen with her most recognizable hair-do, her blue hair. She said even when she started becoming popular in the US, and people questioned her hair color, she would let them know that “My blue hair comes from my Jamaican culture.”

The “Go Down Deh” singer went on to share that colorful hair is a part of dancehall culture, and that’s why she always chooses to add some color to her do. She added that it wasn’t a new trend either.

“I started that trend by the way. When I used to do it, people used to call me crazy. Even my blue hair. Now everybody wants to take it over from me. Like I never started doing this like ten years ago,” she continued.

Spice fashion choices are heavily influenced by the fact that she is considered the Queen of Dancehall, she went on to explain. She said it’s because of the title that she makes sure to dress a certain way, and this extends to the way she shows up on stage and how she makes her entrance at her concerts.

“You have to show up and show out all the time. I feel like the title has a lot to do with how I carry myself,” she added. It’s not an easy thing to maintain, though, as she revealed that it could take her at times up to three hours to get the look that she wants.

Spice commitment to color in her look has been embodied in her clothing brand Graci Noir and her makeup brand Faces & Laces.