Shenseea Pledges Loyalty To Romeich Despite New Manager: “I am very loyal”

Romeich Shenseea
Romeich, Shenseea

Shenseea is shutting down rumors that she has ditched Romeich Entertainment as she chases the American dream and her goal of becoming an American pop star.

The artiste set fire to the rumor mills that have been churning since she announced her new manager Wassim ‘Sal’ Slaiby managing her while Romeich Major, her former manager, was nowhere to be seen.

The “Blessed” singer, however, says that she’s maintaining her business relationship with Romeich Ent.

“We are still a work in progress. He (Slaiby) just came on board officially, but he’s been working behind the scenes. We’re trying to see how compatible we are with each other,” she said in an interview with the Jamaica Observer in an exclusive interview at Romeich Entertainment headquarters in Kingston yesterday.

Shenseea has been working and promoting her upcoming album, which is said to be a dancehall pop fusion. However, she says that Slaiby is not replacing Romeich.

“This is a joint team effort and I am very loyal. I will still be working closely with Romeich Entertainment, I have my old team and a new team,” she continued. “I feel like I’m starting over, but with experience, but on a bigger level.”

Shenseea has been seen networking with a number of artists overseas as she was in album production and promotion mode. However, she says that she doesn’t plan to leave Jamaica but will continue to travel and meet artists as she widens her international influence.

“I’m in love with my country. I love Jamaica and I can’t leave. So, for me, where I am right now in my career, I am back and forth,” she said.

Among those she has met who left a good impression on her are Megan Thee Stallion and others who have expressed interest in partnering with her. She also sais she’s been getting a lot of love from Doja Cat, who is also a member of the Wassim “Sal” Slaiby roster.

Meanwhile, the artist says that her debut album is being produced by Interscope Records, but it has not been given a title yet, and she has not settled on a release date either.

However, one of the singles from the album is dropping on Friday (July 16), “Run Run —produced by Grammy-winning producer Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, which Shenseea says will showcase her versatility as an artist.

“Run Run is my first reggae-pop song ever. I’m so excited and I am anxious. I don’t know how people are going to react to it,” she said.

The trailer for the song has caused quite a stir for its high-quality visual reminisced of post-apocalyptic periods seen in horror movies. Shenseea shared her pride in the visuals released on Thursday.

“The video is amazing. Hands down, I love that video. That’s the best video I’ve ever done in my career. But I also want the fans, the Shenyengz, to embrace the song organically,” she said.

Shenseea rose to stardom a little over 5 years with her collaboration with Vybz Kartel- “Loodie.” Soon she became a household name as her songs drew in the 15-30 age group fans that have supported the artist over the years. Her influence as a marketing rep has also grown with almost a dozen endorsements from local and international companies.

“I’ve been so blessed. I would say there has been several highlights over the five years. I’ve been through so much. Honestly, me thank God for the journey because we have put in a lot of hard work behind the scenes,” she began.

“Yes, I am looking forward to this new phase. I’m hysterical, I am right at the brink and I just need to break. It’s like, which song is gonna do it, when’s it gonna happen. It comes unexpectedly, you just never know. You just got to keep working hard for what is to come.”

The artist says she’s on the verge of achieving a lifelong dream of becoming an internationally recognized pop star.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always wanted to become an international pop artiste. When I achieve mainstream success in the United States, is when I would have achieved my first goal. For the five years that we have been working, we have conquered Jamaica, the Caribbean, some parts of Europe, Africa, and the United Kingdom. I also want to act in movies and even have my music on the soundtracks of movies,” she continued.

The artist has spoken about her goals in the past, which include one of the artists she looks up to the most, Rihanna, who has risen as a pop powerhouse and a successful billionaire businesswoman having endorsements for various companies and even featuring in blockbuster films.

Shenseea’s goals align with what many female artists have been doing to diversify their careers and pursue other areas of interest.

The latest to have done it is Cardi B, who recently appeared in the Fast and Furious 9 movie.

Meanwhile, Shenseea has not addressed whether there is beef with former label-mate Teejay. However, on Thursday, she categorically said she did not have a beef with any artiste as she played Spice and Kartel’s “Romping Shop” while out and about. It was previously thought that Shenseea and Spice had a disagreement, but Spice later hinted at a conflict with Romeich and not Shenseea.

Meanwhile, Teejay is releasing a song with Jada Kingdom on the same day as Shenseea. Jada and Shenseea were previously beefing, but they recently squashed their beef and made peace.