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Skillibeng Respond To Fan Telling Him Stop Releasing Trash Music

Skillibeng issued a clap back at a fan who told him to stop releasing trash music after releasing his new song, “Money Tree.”

It is no secret that some fans have been complaining about the quality of music Skillibeng has been releasing over the past year. Songs such as “Coke” and “Yo” have led to conclusions by some fans that the young dancehall deejay has not been writing his own lyrics, or at the very least has not been putting any effort into crafting his songs, since his hit songs such as “Crocodile Teeth” and “Mr. Universe” are not exactly in the same category as the ones aforementioned.

Some social media users have steadily maintained that the deejay is purely overrated, while others insist that the EastSyde Prodigy has the talent but has not been putting it to use.

Nevertheless, Skillibeng had not been responding to the naysayers until now. Skillibeng released a new song, “Money Tree,” on Wednesday, July 14, and he should be releasing its music video in short order. In an effort to promote the upcoming video, the deejay posted a clip of the intro on his Instagram page. At the same time, the comment section flooded with fire emojis, one social media user (@_10n3w0lf_) was apparently not pleased.

He took to the comment section to advise, “Yuh need fi stop sing f**kry now mi tired a it breda.”

Of course, this did not sit very well with Skillibeng, but instead of giving a simple response, the “Hot” deejay commented a whole verse of lyrical badness.

“Grow obedient but nuh decent, we will hurt your feeling from yuh nuh deserve good treatment. Mi an mi g dem we Mek Suh much money wi cya keep, dem every bank a help wi count wi digits more than 3 Cheque,” he started.

“We deh weh d gads a cheese deh, Nuh d cheese weh milk Mek Mi a talk d cheese weh pay yuh bill dem, buy the block and cement and tek care a children. Mek sure funds sufficient Pre sum thing like investing, And build up intrest den mi build a spliff weh bill a calm nah mi head. Grow wi money Soso money we a flourish without fertilizer, Pure organic growth nuh additive, Bruck bada wi just cya bada wid ntn average Sadly that’s reality.”

He continued, “How mi fih stop Mek money? cya stop deal with the badness, Profit from nothing Till mi slowly provide fimi colleagues From a country weh wih future blurry Goodly from the tummy!”

The 24-year-old deejay then proceeded to get personal with the social media user expressing, “@_10n3w0lf f*ck your politics Mi nuh use authority das why poor nuh falla mi! Waste man yuh dunsah dan bat And yuh need sumn fih do.. if tha song yah f**kry to yuh simply mean yuh naav nuh f**king sense. SIMPLE…”

While his verse was an interesting response to the comment, the deejay added that he would not take further actions against the social media user, as he wants them to watch him flourish.

“Naa block unu. Gwan watch e growth Full up mi comments View my stuff Hate Fine Good doing business with you.”

While Skillibeng spits some lyrics from a song in his response, some social media users still argued that @_10n3w0lf said nothing wrong.

“I mean he wasn’t lying tho. F**kery him sing,” one person said, while another added, “Well somebody had to say something.”

Despite the negative (and positive) comments, the recently released “Money Tree” has been making strides. In Just 24 hours, the song has received over 100 thousand views and trends at number 21 on YouTube. Skillibeng’s die-hard fans are still highly anticipating the upcoming music video.