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50 Cent Says He’s Teaching DaBaby “All The Mistakes I Made”

DaBaby has earned himself a new mentor, 50 Cent and given Fif’s success, he’s in good hands.

On Tuesday, DaBaby took to Instagram to share a photo of himself with 50 Cent along with a heartfelt message to his new mentor. The young rapper has been making headlines over the past year for all the wrong reasons and this week was no different after a video of his encounter with some kids selling candy went viral. Seems Baby is now brushing that off and kicking it with Fif where he got some free game.

“Somebody I been studying for a MINUTE lended me a few hours of his time today,” DaBaby wrote. “Ni**as so scared to let me in the room they fu**ed around & let me end up in the room w/ @50cent BIG MISTAKE! Beyond grateful for the game. Couldn’t have come from a better source. Now watch me put this sh*t to use.”

The 29-year-old “Masterpiece” rapper prides himself as a student of the rap game. He had admitted previously that he had absorbed some knowledge from another great, Diddy, about the way forward as a rising star in the entertainment industry.

As he mentioned in the caption, he has been studying 50 Cent for a while, which is undoubtedly accredited to 50 being a very successful rap icon since the late 1990s.

Luckily, The Power icon is delighted to share his own lessons with Dababy, just as he tried to do with rapper Pop Smoke before his tragic death in February 2020. The veteran rapper hopped into the comment section of DaBaby’s post, writing, “I lost Pop before he could get it, This one already got it and he listen. I’m a teach him all the mistakes i made, so he can be better than me. THIS IS HIP HOP!”

Pop Smoke was 50’s beloved protégé. About a month after the young rapper’s death, 50 Cent took to Instagram live to tell the public about his relationship with Pop Smoke.

“See, Pop Smoke, that was one of my favorites. I liked that ni**a, man. I swear to God, I like that ni**a man,” he said. He recalled his first meeting with Pop Smoke, explaining how the young rapper was scribbling everything he (50 Cent) was saying on his phone.

“See it’s a difference between a ni**a copying you. That’s not copying. He never copied one f**king thing from me. He just looked at it, he saw what was good in it. It influenced him, and he was doing his own thing with it. I fell in love with the ni**a at that point.”

Pop Smoke tragically died from gunshot wounds he suffered during a home invasion, and the devastation was felt worldwide. 50 Cent was the executive producer of his posthumous album, “Shoot For The Stars, Aim For The Moon,” which became one of the most successful LPs of 2020.

It can then be agreed that 50 Cent taking DaBaby under his wing can only improve the “Masterpiece” rapper. DaBaby is, in the meantime, gearing up to release a highly-anticipated new album, and maybe fans will see 50 earning some production credits for this one as well.