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Mr. Vegas Show Off Plaque For “Heads High” Selling 200K Copies In UK

Mr. Vegas secures another plaque for one of his biggest hit two decades after its release.

More than 20 years after it was released, Mr. Vegas’ “Heads High” album is still doing numbers. The project has now sold 200,000 copies in England, herby achieving silver status. In a video upload to his Instagram page captioned “200,000 copies sold…from ground floor to the top floor”, Vegas showed off his plaque while thanking fans for their support.

The dancehall veteran said, “This is the song that really set the stage for Mr Vegas career, yuh understand. So wi give thanks and the fans dem weh and the fans that have been supporting this song over the years I give thanks.”

The deejay said racking in 200,000 sales in England is a big deal, as that’s just one territory. He expressed appreciation for the fans who bought and continue to buy his music.

“So wi waan big up Leslie and Frenchy, and Mainstream crew…especially Collete Bogle. Mr. G big up yourself,” the artiste said.

Mr. Vegas said the recognition is a major milestone for him while noting that the sales were certified and not “nuh carbon copy.”

Meanwhile, his “Voices of Sweet Jamaica,” released in 2012, has surpassed 18 million digital streams on Spotify, earning Vegas’ another plaque for that effort.

Speaking on that achievement, Mr. Vegas said, “Rest in peace Daddy U-Roy, he’s a part of this. All di greats dem deh pon that mix that I did…Barrington Levy, U-Roy, Marcia Griffiths, Christopher Martin, Cecile…pure people deh pon this…Tony Curtis, Singing Melody, Freddy McGregor, Leeroy Small, Josey Wales, Shaggy, Beenie Man.. Suh big up unuh self.”

Fans of Vegas flooded the comment section of the post, celebrating the artist and his achievements.

One fan said, “Congratulations bro bro on your success keep doing your thing!.”

A second fan said, “Big up yourself artist,” while a third said, “This is a big achievement… Legendary.”

Going back to the “Heads High” plaque, Vegas said it was the catalyst that launched his career, making him a household name.

Mr. Vegas emerged as one of the most recognized voices in dancehall in the late 90s to early 2000s. He would go on to collaborate with late rapper DMX and soca stars Destra Garcia and Machel Montana. He also released other albums that secured top spots on Billboard Reggae Charts through the early 2000s.

Mr. Vegas closed out the video by highlighting that he is grateful for the recognition.