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Iggy Azalea Searching For Love On Celebrity Dating Show Post Playboi Carti

Almost a year after breaking it off with rapper boyfriend Playboi Carti, Iggy Azalea has turned to a game show in the hopes of finding love.

The Australian rapper appeared on ABC’s “The Celebrity Dating Game” on Monday, June 21. During the appearance, Iggy had to choose her potential mate from three eligible bachelors. The winner would then go on a coveted date with the “Fancy” rapper.

For the duration of the episode, Iggy Azalea remained hidden behind a wall as she asked the lucky men several questions.

Describing her dating style to one of the men, Iggy said, “The best thing about dating me is I’m absolutely ridiculous, so you can have a little fun with me.”

Tasked with giving the men a clue as to Iggy’s identity, famous host Michael Bolton sang, “She’s fancy and blonde, fancy and blonde. Four Grammy noms, four Grammy noms.”

At the end of the episode, the lucky guy turned out to be Shaughn Adamski, who is the stage manager for Lizzo.

When the two saw each other face to face, Iggy told Adamski, “I love all your crazy tattoos, but you do sound like an accountant and you sleep with the dog every night.”

Iggy Azalea then proceeded to embrace him. It’s not clear if the two actually ended up going on a date, as this was not included in the episode. It’s also not clear if the episode led to anything further between the two.

The Australian blonde bombshell has a one-year-old baby boy named Onyx that she shares with her former boyfriend, Playboy Carti. The relationship with Carti ended dramatically with the rapper calling out her son’s dad for being a poor father.

Iggy Azalea has been noticeably absent from the rap scene since the birth of her son, but she is now looking to take on the road as she goes on tour with Pitbull.

The “I Feel Good Tour” is scheduled to get underway in August.