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Ziggy Rankin Teams With Daughter DJ Lila To Remake Soul Classic “O-o-h Child”

Social media was alight yesterday, June 20, with the outpouring of love for dads worldwide as many celebrated Father’s Day. Trinidadian artist Ziggy Rankin got to celebrate the day in a quite unique way than most as he and his daughter, famous Trinibad artist, DJ Lila joined forces for a remake of “O-o-h Child.”

Even though the track was released on June 18, it was a testament to the strong bond and working relationship that they share. The track was specifically chosen to help lift spirits around the world as people continue to face the ongoing pandemic and both parents and children face struggles. “My daughter and myself thought the project would be fitting in a time such as this and we wanted a project that would stand the test of time,” he told Urban Islandz.

The track has been recreated several times by well-known artists like Janet Jackson and has always been used as a trumpet of inspiration. It was first sung by the Chicago group The Five Stairsteps. This time the track has been infused with a Caribbean beat that features Ziggy Rankin’s raspy baritone vocals along with DJ Lila’s effortless delivery.

According to Ziggy, he enjoyed being able to produce the track with his daughter. The track represents two different generations of music. According to a press release from Et-cet-era The Company, the duo hopes to not only bring hope but to deliver an important message to both parents and children across the Caribbean.

He further explained that he firmly believes that parents have to try and be there for their children. He said even though things are rough right now, parents have the responsibility to keep encouraging their children since the pandemic is something most people have no experience handling.

With that in mind, he and his daughter hope that the track can inspire parents to let their children know that this too shall pass. The “Watch Out” singer also called on parents to trust in a higher presence and to keep praying amidst the ongoing chaos.

In the same release producer, Parry Jack shared that track is a classic which has been delivered from a new perspective. He also explained that the whole beat was changed, but the original chord structure was maintained. Jack lauded Ziggy and DJ Lila’s efforts saying they adjusted their styles well to the beat. In the end, he wanted the song to resonate with people but not to be too close to the original.

Many artists across the Caribbean have found themselves out of work as the pandemic continues to plague economies and cause lockdowns. It has been no different for Ziggy Rankin.

“Well, things have slowed down considerably for all creators. Online shows have not done pretty well for us either,” he told Urban Islandz. He also shared that getting to produce something with his daughter was the highlight of the project for him.

“The most enjoyable moment was being able to collaborate with my daughter and the producer, Parry Jack, who is also her godfather,” he added.

DJ Lila, who has a sizeable following on YouTube and well-viewed videos in the Trinibad genre, has been gaining significant attention for her lyrical prowess. Trinibad, which is the island’s own variety of dancehall, is still making steady inroads into the regional market and is growing. However, like the blossoming Dancehall genre in Barbados, it has been criticized for some of the violent lyrics that are featured.

The “Turn Around” singer said that he supported the emerging genre in Trinidad and Tobago and believes that the artists still have time to grow and hone their craft.

“I support all the youth in the Trinibad movement. It’s a different generation and it still has time to grow. I am proud of my daughter being one of the leading female artists and DJs in this genre,” he continued.

As for future projects, Ziggy Rankin said that he does have some things in the pipeline, but for now, “all my energy is on DJ Lila.” He added when he’s not focusing on helping his daughter, he keeps busy with his small video production company. The track is available on all streaming platforms.

You can listen to it below.