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Ace Hood & His Baby Mama Gets Into It On IG On Father’s Day

While fathers all over the world were being celebrated on Sunday (June 20), Ace Hood revealed that he was blocked by his child’s mother, Shanice Tilia, from seeing his own kids. The rapper maintained that her actions were all for money and because she “wants her story to be right.”

In a video he posted on social media, he said, “Today, I do not have my kids, and the reason I do not have my children Today is because the mother of my children wants her story to be right. Which means, her story in her mind is that I’m not a good father, my children don’t want to spend time with me…. also I don’t support kids, also, I’m never there for the children, so that’s her story in her mind, because she wants to tear me down also as a person. And I analyse this and I’m thinking all of this is because of money. All of her actions and all of this is because of money.”

The “Bugatti” rapper, whose real name is Antoine McColister, went on to imply that his baby mother does not like him because he is doing better in his life.

“It’s because she sees me furthering myself, in my life, in my career, doing some other things. Yes, she gets paid child support. Yes, There we have court order agreement, and none of that matters to her.”

“You know she would rather destroy the relationship that I have with my children, to prove herself right, to prove her story right and that’s really saddening to me and I think that this message overall is for all the fathers who feel unappreciated in their dynamic.”

He continued, “I didn’t have a father, I didn’t grow up with my father at all so you know I had to learn how to be a father, but one thing I do know is I will fight for my children like I’ve always fought for my children, and I will not allow somebody to tear our relationship apart so this will get handled in court, for sure 100%.”

Hours later, a very pregnant Shanice took to Instagram Live to clear the air, claiming Ace Hood is making the public accusations for a part in the reality series Love and Hip Hop. She also disclosed that he owes her $95,000.

“That man owe me $95,000 and he out here talking about it’s about money?”

She disclosed that she was so surprised by the accusations she “could’ve gone into preterm labour if I was weak.”

“But I know the truth and the facts are the facts. So at the end of the day for you and your wife to do that for a cheque for Love and Hip Hop, that is sad,” she added.

She further elaborated, “He had the audacity to say I was mad he’s flourishing, Antoine you did not have one show before the pandemic. Now all of a sudden you get a PPP loan for $144,000 I’m jealous of you flourishing.”

Shanice also went on to suggest that Ace Hood obtained that PPP loan (Paycheck Protection Program) fraudulently. She added that it was Ace who is mad at her because she could not reduce his child support payments, and “now he has to pay me what he owes me and he’s mad.”

While Shanice did not respond to claims that she was withholding the children from Ace, she disclosed a lot of information regarding his claims about money. Ace Hood has not yet responded to Shanice’s Instagram Live claims.