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Gucci Mane Is 6ix9ine’s Newest Target Over Pooh Shiesty’s Case

6ix9ine is trying to start a beef with Gucci Mane and Pooh Shiesty.

In yet another desperate effort to stay relevant, Tekashi 6ix9ine has once again emerged as one of the most ruthless trolls on social media. The disgraced rapper became infamous after choosing to snitch on his fellow gang members in exchange for less jail time, and several members of the hip hop community chose to cancel him immediately.

Gucci Mane is just one of many rappers who commented on the act of snitching during the height of Tekashi’s drama, writing on Instagram that there were no circumstances that would prompt him to rat someone out. Although 6ix9ine responded to the shade by later calling Gucci “washed up”, he is now trolling Guwop amid the messy Pooh Shiesty case.

After news broke that Shiesty’s bond was denied after his arrest for allegedly shooting a security guard, 6ix9ine showed up in the comments section of an Akademiks post about the case. Tagging Gucci Mane, Tekashi wrote, “your man got robbed in the club while performing and got mad and took out his gun for the cameras”.

Going on to deliver one of his signature low blows, 6ix9ine added, “Now his mom lost both her sons one dead the other in jail after getting robbed. Smh she in my prayers.” For anyone who knows anything about 6ix9ine, his offering of prayers seems less than genuine for a mother who recently lost one of her sons to brain cancer.

Plenty of people called out 6ix9ine’s comment as insensitive, but cruelty is exactly what he usually aims for when he goes about his daily trolling. The rainbow-haired rapper’s last album, titled TattleTales, underperformed, leaving Tekashi with nothing but his trolling skills to keep his name in the headlines. Luckily, plenty of rappers have chosen to simply stop engaging with him no matter how many times he tries to convince them to take the bait.