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Female Claims Lil Durk Fathered Her 7-Year-Old Son Then Cut Him Off

A woman is claiming that Lil Durk fathered her child, and she was there with him in the struggle before his big break came as an artist, but he has neglected to take care of his son.

The video, which comes from an interview with Unwind with Tasha K sees the woman explaining that she was there for Durk long before fame knew his name.

“Seven years ago when my son was born, you were not who you are now. I was giving you rides to the studio and buying you White Castle because you had to wait for cheques and different stuff when you were with other companies and all of that,” she said.

The woman is still yet unidentified, and it is also unconfirmed if, indeed, Lil Durk is the father of her child as she alleges. However, according to her, Lil Durk has taken care of his other kids while neglecting the seven-year-old son she allegedly birthed for him.

“You didn’t even have title to your money but now you stacking up it up talking about taking care of your all of your kids, but you ain’t sent my son nothing, you always buying designer and you always brag about taking care of your homies in in jail, your homies this and that.”

The woman alleges that her son is constantly left out of anything, and her only means of communicating with the alleged father is through the mother of another one of Durk’s children.

“My son is completely x-out of the equation constantly. And I’ve been sitting back and talking to this girl’s mom and tells her ‘tell romie to call me’… I had to tell her I hate to bring it to you but it’s not you, you’re my only point of contact.”

The rapper has six children who he has always proudly shown off. He shot to fame in 2020 with his collaboration with Drake “Laugh Now Cry Later.”

These new allegations, however, come at a very sensitive time for the rapper as he mourns the death of his brother D Thang who was gunned down last week in what appears to be gang violence.