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Konshens Offended By Buju Banton Saying Vybz Kartel Running Dancehall From Prison

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Konshens is now among only a few dancehall artists to have responded to a previous statement from Buju Banton that Vybz Kartel running dancehall from prison.

Over a year ago, Buju Banton made a blanket statement claiming that Vybz Kartel, though behind bars, is the only Jamaican artiste he sees releasing anything of quality and substance. Konshens is now making it known that he was not pleased with the statement, citing the statement as being disrespectful to other members of the music fraternity.

Buju Banton made the statement when he appeared on Winford Williams’ Onstage, in what was the first interview following his release from US lockup. Responding to the question of whether Dancehall music had grown, Buju says the needle has not moved since he went prison and back a decade later.

“Mi come outa wuk house and a Kartel mi hear a run di place same way,” Buju said. “Me hear other people. Mi nah seh mi nuh hear and nuh think mi nuh listen but mi know music when mi hear music. His lyrical content, that’s not my subject. His relevance – that’s my argument.”

Buju Banton

Buju Banton added, “Mi nah seh man nah do dem ting but the music shoulda out deh more.”

Now several weeks later, Konshens addressed the issue during a sit down with Sound Chat Radio, saying that he personally felt offended by the reggae/dancehall legend’s statement.

“People like to highlight the negativity in Dancehall music and undermine the progress,” Konshens said. “Me see a interview Buju say Vybz Kartel alone a duh good right now inna music. I was offended, yuh know a mean.”

Konshens expressed his disappointment while highlighting entertainers whom he believes have also helped to spread the music. “You have Charly Blacks weh sell diamond, yuh have Popcaan a duh all a di collaboration dem, mi a duh collaboration with Chris Brown. Kranium sell gold, Gyptian sell gold. And then you watch one a our heroes a seh yow one man alone a duh work.”

Konshens said to make matters worse; nobody challenged Buju’s statement. Instead, he said everybody ran with the sound byte, seemingly agreeing with the deejay’s statement.

The “Gal a Bubble” singer said the reaction to the statement showed how addicted Jamaican society is to highlighting negativity in the music industry.

The SubKonshus music leader is the latest to react to Buju’s critique. Following the airing of the Onstage interview, Protoje posted a tweet that many believed was aimed at the Gargamel. Protoje said, “Personally no artist Wah in a the business over 10 years and don’t give another artist a platform or help buss somebody can’t say anything to me about the state of the industry.”

Despite the alleged dig at Buju, the artiste has, in fact, helped to establish the career of others. Spragga Benz, for instance, gives Buju credit for his early exposure in the business. Agent Sasco has also said that his first recording experience was at Buju’s studios.