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DMX Might Have A Gospel Album Coming Says Swizz Beatz

Swizz Beatz is dropping hints about a possible DMX gospel album in the works.

Amid the release of DMX‘s first posthumous album, Verzuz co-creator Swizz Beatz is teasing even more unheard music from the departed rapper. In a recent episode of Verzuz where Swizz had his rematch with Timbaland, he played an unreleased version of the J. Cole-assisted “Bath Salts” that didn’t make the final cut of Exodus. Swizz says there is “a lot of material” still in store.

“We have the material,” said Swizz at listening for DMX’s posthumous album Exodus. “He’s not here but we do have the vocals and everything like that. This project definitely needs a part two.”

Swizz went on to reveal that there are some gospel tracks in the vault as well. “He has a different set of music that’s all gospel too,” he said. “That was like his dream dream dream. We gotta try to make that happen.”

DMX has always been open about his spirituality and faith. Though he battled many demons, he was a spokesperson for positivity and finding your divine purpose. “That’s where he wanted to end up. He wanted to end up in the spiritual zone with his music,” said Swizz.

He told The New York Times, “I couldn’t sleep knowing that he wasn’t at his full potential,” he said. “That was a driver for me, because X created a lot of opportunities for a lot of people, myself included.”

While it’s unclear if a deluxe version of Exodus should be expected or a whole new album, it does sound like a gospel project is definitely in the making, it’s only fitting considering who DMX was and would serve as a wonderful tribute to his faith.