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Spice Renews Magnum Partnership As Brand Pledges Support For Dancehall

Spice is enjoying the continuing relationship with her brand sponsorship company Magnum Tonic Wine which has renewed its contract with the dancehall deejay.

The company is also funding the winnings of dance competition for Spice’s latest song, “Go Down Deh,” which features Sean Paul and Shaggy. The song has been released for four weeks and is listed at #5 on trending on YouTube with 10 million views.

According to Magnum’s regional marketing manager, Kamal Powell, the company will continue to show its support for dancehall. He told the Jamaica Gleaner that even with the pandemic shutting down the entertainment industry, the company has found creative ways to maintain its partnerships and influence, and for the last 14 months, it has taken on new initiatives to prove its dedication to the industry.

“It is important for Magnum Tonic Wine, as the official drink of dancehall, to showcase the culture’s energetic, vibrant, and engaging nature, as we both share consumers,” he said. “We have been lucky to have been able to play our role in supporting the industry throughout the pandemic with online shows such as Magnum Xplosion, and now the ongoing online event series, Magnum Box,” he said.

The Magnum Box series has seen the likes of Ding Dong, Jah Vinci, Kyodi, and Onsound Mynd performing in a virtual space that provides entertainment in a safe way. Meanwhile, Magnum Xplosion, which is usually held physically, was run off virtually earlier this year.

According to Powell, renewing Spice’s ambassadorship is an example of the company’s commitment to the dancehall industry. The relationship with Spice began in 2019 and has benefitted the company greatly, he said. He added that as the leading female brand ambassador, the “go down deh” dance competition is also expected to bring benefits to the company.

“Our brand is closely knit with dancehall culture, so having the genre’s queen, Spice, further maximises our place in the industry. The song mirrors our brand in so many ways, as it is both magnetic an entertaining, while being pointedly dancehall,” he shared. “We decided to gift Spice a big cheque of $1 million for her fans by having a social media-based Magnum Dance Challenge to the track. This will help the song to gain more traction and reinforce Magnum’s commitment to the industry’s fans, who we share as we continue to ‘tek charge ah tings’,” he said.