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50 Cent Finds Special Meaning in Pop Smoke’s Mother’s Presence at BBMA

After the untimely death of Pop Smoke in early 2020, 50 Cent took it upon himself to oversee the production and completion of what would become Pop’s posthumous album, Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon.

Pop Smoke and his album earned five Billboard Music Awards on Sunday, May 23rd, and the late rapper’s mother and brother were there to accept the awards on his behalf. 

50 Cent took the time to appreciate the beauty of that moment, posting a picture of Pop’s mom with a Billboard award in her hand on his Instagram and writing, “Pop said he wanted to take his mom to a award show. Mission accomplished!”

Pop’s mother, Audrey Jackson, shared some heartfelt words with her son’s fans as she accepted the award for Top Billboard 200 Album, saying, “I thank you to the fans for honoring the life and spirit of my son, so much he continues to manifest as if he were still here in flesh.” 

She went on to comment on the meaning and intent of Pop’s work, adding, “He created music for the kid who has to sleep four in a room, the kid who has to figure out how to get to school each day, so he can graduate and make his mom proud.  He did this so that 14-year-olds would not have to kill to prove they are somebody.”

Pop Smoke also took home the awards for Top New Artist, Top Rap Artist, Top Male Rap Artist, and Top Rap album on Sunday night.  While his music continues to make an impact on the hip hop world, the suspects in his murder continue to await trial, three of whom are minors. 

Corey Walker, one of the suspects in the case and the only adult, stood for his preliminary hearing earlier this month during which details of the robbery and murder were revealed to the public.  Pop’s mother certainly deserves a bit of sunshine after such a tragic and heartbreaking year for her and her family.