Dancehall Singer Jahmeil Baptized A Year After Near Death Experience

Dancehall singer Jahmiel has taken his spiritual journey to another level after he got baptized into the Christian faith a year after having a near death experience.

On Saturday (May 29), videos began circulating on social media of the artiste’s baptism by Baptist Minister Reverend Shuttleworth. Today is perhaps a commemoration of the artiste’s new chapter and transition from the dancehall to the Gospel. The ceremony was streamed live on TBC Radio’s YouTube page during their Saturday Morning Worship service.

The ceremony included a thought-provoking sermon from Reverend Shuttleworth, who is the owner of TBC radio, and a few remarkable words from fellow church elders. The members were seemingly happy to receive the 28-year-old deejay, giving praises at regular intervals for his bold decision.

“Do you love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength? If so, say ‘yes I do’?” Reverend Shuttleworth instructed.

“Yes. I do,” Jahmiel responded, sparking a chorus of praises to God.

“Do you pledge from this moment onwards for the rest of your life.. brother Jahmiel Foster.. do you pledge to serve the Lord in spirit and in truth and in holiness for as long as you shall live? If so kindly say yes I do,” the Reverend continued.

To this, Jahmiel also boldly answered, ”Yes I do.” The artiste was subsequently baptized in a pool, clad in traditional baptism garments, a long white gown. His baptism followed a chorus of hymns and praises as the artiste was led from the pool.

A female elder of the church had clarified, during her introduction of the pastor, that Jahmiel’s decision to give his life to the Lord was of his own free will. She reiterated to the church and the public that there was no coercion in the entertainer’s decision.

Although Jahmiel is/ was a hardcore dancehall artiste, singing about women and guns, the recording artist is also known for a range of positive tunes such as “Strongest Soldier” and “A Better Tomorrow.”

Fans are not sure what this move could mean for the artiste’s musical content, but they are so far enthused by his decision.

“One a di best move ute,” one person commented. Another said, “He is such a good person I just know he will be a good Christian and I hope he becomes that beacon of light for others.”