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Skillibeng Catches More Heat For Gritty “Trafalgar Road”

Skillibeng has once again released a song based on Jamaica’s latest viral event, this time featuring up and coming artiste, Equaliza.

The single “Trafalgar Road,” released on Wednesday, May 12, mimics the tense scene of police versus gunmen shootout captured on video on Monday. The incident, of course, took place on Trafalgar road in St. Andrew and is still making rounds on social media.

The police report that two of the gunmen were killed in the incident, and a third was taken into police custody. The daring shootout reportedly came after the gunmen allegedly murdered a man on Old Hope Road, taking a sum of money and his licensed firearm.

The incident left drivers, passengers, and pedestrians ducking bullets. A police officer was also made to take cover behind a civilian vehicle, an act that would eventually become a viral meme.

Nonetheless, some members of the public are bent on the seriousness of the incident and have condemned any jokes relating to the matter.

Perhaps this is why Skillibeng’s new single on the incident does not sit well with many, who are urging the “Crocodile Teeth” deejay to use his talent for better purposes.

“Him need fi relax n tek time mek some good music cause him have the capabilities” one person commented. Another added, “Diss man tek Dancehall fi a jk.”

While some fans are having none of it, others are laughing at the deejay’s habit of turning viral incidents into songs. Just three months ago, when an aircraft crash-landed in Rocky Point, Clarendon, Skillibeng released a song titled “Coke,” repeating the line “Eh plane jus crash wid eh coke.” Many had found this funny too, but others thought it was a waste of talent and platform.

Yet, Skillibeng comes again with another song mimicking a serious incident.

The song opens similar to “Coke” with a news story of the incident being read. The two artists continue by basically describing a ‘stick up’ or robbery and holding hostages.

The catchy refrain is sung by Equaliza “This is a stick up, shoot anybody weh a shift up, load up di bag an make we lif up, dem know say mi fren dem vicious.” The deejay’s take turns with verses describing the grimy event placing themselves as the robbers in the incident.