Rygin King Says New Album Will Be His Testimony, Drops First Single “Inna Mi Mind”

Rygin King
Rygin King

Rygin King is preparing to give his testimony in his new album.

Last year summer, dancehall deejay Rygin King was hospitalized following a gun attack. The popular deejay was shot and injured after his convoy stopped following an unrelated accident in Westmoreland. Prayers immediately went up for his recovery, and there were some rumors that he would have been left paralyzed following the incident. He’s dispelled all those negative rumors and has even announced an upcoming album.

He’s been back on the scene a few months now and is satisfying his fan’s call for new music. Recently he released “Inna Mi Mind,” which he has said shows that his dominance of the genre is still there. “Mi ah still ‘Dancehall’s Baddest Ting’, mi just a ketch back the flame. We no gone nowhere, ah just one king, any other king, a muss a napkin,” he told the STAR.

The ever-confident 25-year-old deejay, whose real name is Matthew Smith, explained that the track helped him to get back in musical shape. “With this single, mi ah remind myself of the process, mi a remind myself that it all started inna mi mind before I could make it a reality. So when mi sit down and ‘meds’ by myself more time, mi realise seh mi did have to conceive it first inna mi mind, that’s where it begins, with an energy and a dream,” he said.

He added that the song acted as a message to himself “and the youths out there that no matter the fight, you have to keep trying.” He also revealed that he has intentions of shooting a video to accompany the track.

He’s lucky to be alive following the incident, which according to reports, happened in Bethel Town when one of the cars was involved in a collision. Eyewitnesses said that while the entourage was attending to the vehicle, a car drove up, and a gunman shot at the bystanders, which included Rygin King. He was shot three times. He’s definitely used the experience to grow stronger.

“God give me strength and life. Once we have life, we can work to make everything else better. My album is going to be big. Mi have a testimony to tell the world. Mi just did a regain mi confidence; dem shot a lot of energy outta me,” he continued.

The “Ruption” singer has been making waves since he returned to the scene and has already gotten over five million views on YouTube for his single “No Emotion.” He’s also enjoyed success with a few others, including “Mission,” and “Dancehall Baddest Ting.”