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DJ Khaled & Kanye West Played Each Other Their Albums Over Eggs And Ketchup

Kanye West and DJ Khaled met up on Wednesday morning at his house as he played his upcoming album Khaled Khaled for the rap legend to hear.

In a post on Instagram, DJ Khaled posted that he listened to Kanye’s music, and Kanye West also listened to his upcoming album, which drops on Friday, April 30.

“KANYE popped up at my house the other day at 8 AM! I did not know he was coming! He played me his music and I played him #KHALEDKHALED He also ask my chef @chefmelissazuniga for some eggs and ketchup. TRUE STORY,” he wrote on Instagram.

While the video doesn’t appear to be dated, Kanye can be seen still wearing a wedding band while he rocks his head to the music. In the background, Khaled mimics a choir director as a choir can be heard singing. It appears this is the Jamaican choir that will feature on the album. DJ Khaled had teased a video of the choir where he stood amongst them as they sang.

Meanwhile, Kanye’s long-awaited album Donda is the rapper’s 10th studio album that has been in production from 2018. It was scheduled for release in 2020 but was pushed back due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The album was previewed on July 13, 2020, when Kanye shared a track from the album that featured a spoken word introduction from his beloved deceased mother, Donda West. The album is named after her.

No new release date has been given for Ye’s upcoming album.