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Saweetie Flexes Her Beasty Hellcat & Stacks Of Cash On Quavo Amid Bentley Repo

Saweetie is showing off her new whip, a beasty Dodge Challenger Hellcat, amid Quavo seemingly bragging about taking back her Bentley.

The Quavo and Saweetie breakup saga has come in many chapters. The couple that dated for over two years went their separate ways last month after “too many hurdles” in their relationship, as the “My Type” rapper explained. Since the couple split, rumors surfaced that the Migos rapper had the Bentley he gifted Saweetie for Christmas repossessed.

While Quavo initially denied the rumors, calling them “flat-out false,” a recently leaked snippet from an unreleased Migos song seemingly sees him rapping about it. “She slimy and she sneaky / Takin’ back that Bentley,” Quavo rapped on the track. Saweetie took to TikTok after the snippet made headlines to make a “Bestfriend Challenge” video which is inspired by her own song in which she revealed that she was still in possession of the Bentley keys.

Now she is showing off a brand new ride amidst all the talk that Quavo may have repoed the Bentley. Taking to Instagram Stories to flex another one of her whips, Saweetie shared a video of a black Dodge Charger Hellcat. She also featured a black Yves Saint Laurent bag on top of the car while Steven Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” played in the background.

Fans weighed in with different takes on the video Saweetie shared, with some encouraging the flex while others ridiculed it. “I don’t understand the hype of this car,” one person wrote with the crying emoji. In a caption-like comment, a fan added, “If “I do this sh*t with or without him” was a person.” Another insightful fan pointed out that the car wasn’t new, but Saweetie stays lowkey. “She’s been had this. She’s got y’all confused bc she stays quiet.”

Whether Saweetie just purchased the car or had it all along, clearly, the message here is that she doesn’t need a man to buy her one anyway. While some fans lament the black Dodge Charger Hellcat not coming close to the powder blue Bentley Continental GT that Quavo got Saweetie, others are here for the flex.