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Nas Could Be $100 Million Richer Thanks To His Investments From Years Ago

Nas could be worth north of a US$100 million.

At the height of his popularity in the 90s, Nas made it known that he intended to transition into being a successful businessman. It looks like that decision is working in his favor as a new report has disclosed that Nas may rake in US$100 million from one of his more outstanding investments. This one is the digital world of cryptocurrency.

The “World is Yours” singer has been moving from strength to strength since he started focusing on investment in the last decade. His company QueensBridge Venture Partners has a very impressive portfolio that includes investments in Dropbox, Ring, Parachute, SeatGeek, General Assembly, Robinhood, Casper, Pillpack, and Pluto TV. All of which has so far brought in the cash for the New York rapper. As of 2020, his net worth was $70 million and growing.

His latest investment in Coinbase has attracted a potential valuation of $100 billion ahead of the anticipated release of its COIN stock this Wednesday, April 14. According to a report from Yahoo Finance, Nas has been involved with the company since 2013. His company invested twenty-five million dollars in the cryptocurrency company in 2014. That investment is about to pay off big time as TIME magazine has named Coinbase as “the second most exciting tech start-up.”

The report also indicates just how it could break down for Nas and his company. As stated, based on previous analysis done by Coindesk, Nas’ Queensbridge could either own a low-end of 99,329 shares or a high-end of 496,642. Previous Coinbase data indicates that share prices fetch around $350. So that meant he could end up with between $34.76 million and $173.8 million.

However, new data provided by investment bank DA Davidson projects suggest a share price of $440, which means his company’s profits now lie somewhere between $43.7 million or $218.5 million. That report also indicated that Nas’ company is still intimately involved with Coinbase. It looks like it’s going to be a big payday for the “If I Ruled the World” rapper.