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NBA YoungBoy Looks Happy In Jail As He Smiled For A Photo With Inmates

NBA YoungBoy

NBA YoungBoy looks happy in jail in a leaked photo.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again has had his fair share of run-ins with the law and jail stints. The rapper was only relieved of probation just over a year ago, and while he has made an attempt to stay on the right side of the law since he hasn’t managed the feat for long. His most recent arrest followed his attempt to flee the police when they tried to detain him, which certainly will not look good in court. The rapper is reportedly facing up to ten years on federal charges.

In spite of his legal woes and detention, NBA YoungBoy appears to be in good spirits behind bars. The Top rapper is seen in a newly surfaced photo showing off an unusually bright smile in the company of four other jailbirds. Clad in his orange jumpsuit with his hair braided, YoungBoy is cheering out rather hard as he poses in the center of the photo. While some fans are relieved to see the rapper seemingly doing well, others are questioning his apparent contentment.

DJ Akademiks shared the photo on Instagram on Wednesday (April 7), and it invited thousands of comments from fans and critics alike. “He looks like he having a little too much fun,” one fan wrote. Others chimed in with, “Nah no one can like jail that much” and “He look happier than he do when he free.” Perhaps jail is something you can get used to after enough visits. One commenter claimed that the rapper’s jail mates were fans and that he is “chilling” on the inside.

What seems to be a common opinion is that NBA YoungBoy was never seen smiling like this when he was out in civilization. The Kanye West effect seems to be activated by a lockup. While he is expected to do some real jail time this time around, some fans still have faith that his legal team will pull through. “Ima be real, ik he might be facing some years or that’s what people say. But sum telling me he ain’t gone be in there for long,” one supporter said. “He looks
like he bouta snitch,” another jested.

NBA YoungBoy is currently facing federal possession charges stemming from his arrest in September. His lawyer maintains that he was not in possession of any firearms. The rapper was denied bond for failing to do a court-ordered drug test per his previous bond conditions.