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Tory Lanez Plans To Stop Wars With His Music “Like How Bob Marley Did”

Tory Lanez
Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez has landed the cover of Flaunt Magazine, and he’s not disappointing while serving looks and sharing his deepest aspirations for the future like following in Bob Marley’s footstep.

Tory Lanez posed in all White Fendi as he proves that the bad publicity from his ongoing case with Megan Thee Stallion can’t hold him back. Lanez has been the internet’s favorite person to hate since news broke that he was charged in the shooting of rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

In spite of that, his music is in demand, and his supporters are loud with their support of him and his music and even declaring their belief in his innocence online. Of course, this latest cover of Lanez is among the few and far between positive news articles covered of him since the incident last year.

The rapper/singer has been publicly black-listed by news companies and even allegedly by streaming outlets that failed to promote his music. Tory Lanez revealed weeks ago that his new project “Playboy” was hidden from the front pages of the major streaming sites and that in spite of that, his fans still drove his songs to number one on many of the streaming charts.

The latest digital edition of Flaunt’s “The Dawn Chorus” issue sees Lanez with no shirt on apart from the White suit, a pair of Nike Air Force 1s, and heavy gold chains along with matching rings on his fully tattooed hand.

This latest cover seems to be his first since last April’s VIBE cover, months before he was accused of shooting Megan The Stallion, and throughout the cover story, Tory discusses a myriad of topics, from working with Chris Brown to his idea of success. He excitedly shared the cover on his Instagram account, “THANK YOU FOR THE COVER OF THIS MONTHS [sic] ISSUE!!”

In the article, he discusses his money achievements but says he is passed those milestones and is now focused on his artistry which he hopes the world will recognize soon.

“You ever seen that meme of DMX on the stage performing to the whole world? He’s performing to a million people, that are how I feel. I’m going to stop wars with my music like how Bob Marley did. I’m going to do certain things that are so above and beyond other artists,” he said of his aspirations.

Tory Lanez also opened up about being an independent artist in an era where major labels are under scrutiny. “It feels incredible,” he said. “I’m free to do whatever I want. I’m not dictated by anybody else’s opinion of my art. I can move freely and live freely through my music and through my craft. I’m happy to be independent.”

Check Flaunt for the full interview.