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Southside Warns Lil Uzi Vert For Disrespecting City Girls’ Yung Miami On IG Live

Lil Uzi Vert has officially earned the wrath of Yung Miami‘s boyfriend Southside after he seemingly disrespected her during an Instagram Live started by fellow City Girl and girlfriend, JT.

Fans tuning into the IG Live session were shocked when Uzi began to address Yung Miami as Caresha, hinting that the two had unsettled dust to clear. While speaking from his car, Uzi taunted his girlfriend’s bestie.

“Is this Caresha?” Uzi questioned. You and I don’t have to be friends, that’s understood,” Miami interjected. “Look at my car look at my life I do way too much,” Uzi said while telling JT to “Shut Up” for trying to silence him.

“You saw what I sent you Caresha because you let me on seen,” the “Myron” rapper mentioned. Caresha pointed out that he knew what he did to upset her, which was not the first instance.

JT stepped in to instruct her beau that he was getting way too excited and aggressive, which ultimately led to both Lil Uzi Vert and Yung Miami deciding that they would continue the conversation off air.

Following the Live, fans immediately voiced their concerns about the way Uzi was behaving, not only to Caresha but also his girlfriend JT. All three participants of the session have made it clear that there was no offense taken and that Uzi was actually drunk and acting a fool.

“I can’t do sh_t right,” Uzi tweeted in response to the hate he began to receive from fans of the famed female rap duo. In response to a fan making it clear that he should not be speaking to the ladies in the manner he did, he joked, “That’s my gf best friend I was playing with her she always curse me out.”

JT cemented the claims that it was all a joke, while blasting critics for being just too quick to judge.

“I’m not sad or crying, y’all for me f***ed up!” Miami tweeted as she set the record straight about how she felt about the conversation.

However, Miami’s beau Southside was not too pleased with how Uzi addressed his lady and made it clear that any similar actions will have consequences.

“Uzi don’t address nun a my b**ches. You handle your b**ches and stay on your side. You ain’t got one more time to say something to nun a my b**ch,” said Southside.

He continued with a threat, “I promise you I’m a punch your teeth out your mouth.”

He then stated that men don’t get involved in women’s business while chastising how Uzi dresses and behaves. He also took the time to remind Uzi that he was the one who saved him from being robbed, among other things.

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