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Remembering Nipsey Hussle 2 Years Later, Snoop Dogg, T.I. & Lauren London Speak

Hip hop remembers Nipsey Hussle on the second anniversary of his untimely death.

Wednesday marks two years since Grammy Award-winning rapper and Los Angeles native Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed. Hussle was killed on March 31, 2019, just outside his clothing store in South Los Angeles. Since his death, the retail side of his business has been closed and transformed into a memorial in honor of his work and life.

Born Ermias Joseph Asghedom, Nipsey Hussle was an activist, entrepreneur, and rapper. In 2017 his “Victory Lap” album was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Rap Album category. Nipsey’s journey to stardom is chronicled in the life he lived and the impact he had on the people around him, including his fans. The rapper is considered one of hip hop’s most influential leaders.

He spent a decade forging a name for himself from underground rap. He not only contributed musically to the world, but he also brought in newfound business to his old community. His aim was to rebuild his old neighborhood. Unfortunately, he did not live long enough to see this dream become a reality. He came on the music scene in 2008 with mixtapes “Slauson Boy,” and “Bullets Aint Got No Name,” which helped to cement his space in the rap genre.

He released “Crenshaw” in 2013, and it would later go on to become one of his most profitable efforts. With a whopping price tag of $100, it certainly turned a few heads. So much so that rap mogul Jay Z bought 100 copies to support Nipsey. It’s interesting to note that much of the late rapper’s success actually came after he was killed. In 2020 he was posthumously given an award for best rap compilation and best rap performance at the Grammy Awards. There is also a documentary about his life that will be released via popular streaming site Netflix.

Nipsey preached a positive message and always encouraged others to reach for and strive to attain their dreams. Although he is no longer around, his fans and fellow entertainers remember him for his philosophy in life, where he viewed life “like a marathon, not a race.” Even in death, he still continues to inspire young upcoming acts.

Aside from his widow Lauren London, several rappers paid homage to Nipsey Hussle includes Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, T.I., G-Eazy, and more.

“It’s important to remember…Energy can not be destroyed…only transferred & redistributed,” T.I. wrote in a post on IG. “Nip You’ve impacted the generation immeasurably & Your legacy will live on forever. I miss our discussions & being able to challenge my plans & perspective by bouncing ideas off of each other over bottles of 1942 when we arbitrarily run into one another…like the time you came to Atlanta & I pulled up on you & we went to see Dave Chappelle,blew gas backstage after the show and mobbed to Magic City.”