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Offset’s Baby Mama Defends Quavo Against Abuser Label Following Saweetie Fight

Offset’s baby mama, no not Cardi B, is defending Quavo from accusations of being an abuser.

Once upon a time, any mention of Quavo and Saweetie‘s relationship would release butterflies among the masses, as they signified what a loving couple should look like. These days their sordid lives are released in living color to the public at large, with each new revelation showing just how toxic the situation was. This time around, there is actual footage of the toxicity, as they two squared off in an elevator. It has now boiled down to which team you are supporting, and social media users and industry players have been casting their votes.

Shya L’amour, the mother of one of Offset‘s daughters, has come out in defense of Quavo. She joins a host of others, including rapper Trouble, who are standing firmly behind the Migos rapper that no form of abuse took place.

Shya mentioned that the video is not a true depiction of what really took place as it was not shown in its entirety. “But this isn’t the whole video,” she wrote.

It was announced last week that Saweetie and Quavo had gone their separate ways following accusations by Saweetie that Quavo had been unfaithful to her. It was just a few days after the announcement of the breakup that the video was released, which showed the pair in a physical altercation.

In the video, Saweetie can be seen making an attempt to hit Quavo, who in turn drags her into the elevator and leaves her on the ground.

“But this isn’t the whole video.” and attached an emoji showing no emotions. As we watch this latest drama unfolds, we are waiting to see if either Saweetie or Quavo will share their side! What are your thoughts on the situation?