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Trouble Says Quavo Is ‘Innocent’ In Saweetie’s Elevator Fight, Offset Agrees

Trouble gives his take on Quavo and Saweetie elevator altercation and Offset agrees with him.

It seems there is never-ending drama between recently broken-up couple Saweetie and rapper Quavo. On Tuesday, a video surfaced online which shows the two involved in a scuffle in an elevator.

The footage from the elevator came shows Quavo grabbing at Saweetie while dragging her onto the elevator floor. This is after the “ICY GRL” seemed to takes a swing at the Migos man. At the end of the altercation between the two, Saweetie can be seen limping out of the elevator.

Quavo is seen taking glances at the camera before they both get off. The footage has gone viral since its release, resulting in numerous persons voicing their opinions on what took place, as well as the relationship on the whole. One such person who shared his take on the incident is rapper Trouble.

The Atlanta spitter has shown his love to Quavo, vehemently claiming his innocence. “Quavohoncho innocent! Ain gon say it noooo mo!… Afta she swung on em dawg even used da same call of duty case to hold da door open for da lady to get up an walk out. Yall Brazy af man,” Trouble wrote in the caption of a commentary video he shared. Trouble defends Quavo throughout the video, making his stance clear while concluding that he does not think Saweetie was abused.

Offset hit the heart button on Trouble’s post giving it a cosign.

While some of the followers agreed with his take, a few also encouraged him to mind his own business. Quavo and Saweetie broke up over a week ago, and both took to social media to give their takes on why they called it quits. Their individual family members also made news when they weighed in on the situation.

Saweetie has not spoken out about the elevator incident.