Ky-Mani Marley & Spragga Benz Revives Role For “Top Shottas” TV Series

Fans locally and internationally have been eagerly anticipating a part two of the 2002 Jamaican film Shottas, and look like that has been shelved in place of a TV series.

Today enthusiastic fans were blessed with even better news, as Spragga Benz revealed that a television series is now in the making instead of the aforementioned part two. The dancehall deejay, whose correct name is Carlton Errington Grant, along with other major artists, took the 2002 movie to an international level playing their parts as Jamaican bad men.

The movie was written and directed by Cess Silvera, filmed in Jamaica and Miami, and included a cast of stars including Spragga Benz (who played Wayne), Ky-Mani Marley (who played Biggs), Agent Sasco (who played Blacka), DJ Khaled (Who played Richie’s henchman), Paul Campbell (who played Mad Max), the late Louie Rankin (who played Teddy Bruck Shut), Munair Zacca (who played Mr. Anderson), Wyclef Jean (who played Richie), and Flippa Mafia (who played John John).

The well-loved film depicted strong violence, Jamaican dialect, and reggae soundtrack that led to the movie being labeled a “cult classic”.

Spragga Benz previously revealed that a script was ready for Shottas 2 but now revealed that this would be a new television series with no link to the 2002 movie.

“There is a script for Shottas 2 but for now, it is the television series which is on the front burner,” Spragga Benz told the Jamaica Observer. “People were requesting a follow-up for Shottas but the legal rights for the original movie is being contested in courts.”

The dancehall icon revealed that the TV series will picked up from where the movie left off as he gets ready to reenters society following a long stint in prison.

The new series will be called Top Shottas and will still feature the same star-studded cast members.

Spragga Benz was answering the requests of the public when he reasoned that the legal rights to the original movie is currently being contested in court.

He said filming started in Fort Lauderdale in 2019, with the same director Cess Silvera and eight episodes have so far been completed. Fans of the original Shottas movie are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the TV series.