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6ix9ine Spent $50K On Chanel Bags For His Girlfriend Jade

Tekashi 6ix9ine is dropping 50 bands on his girl to try to win her back amid breakup rumors.

It’s no secret that celebrities like to spend big, and when it comes to their relationships, gift-giving is often above most of our pay grades. While there are some who prefer to reserve their extravagance for themselves, there are those who love to splurge on their significant others, especially when they’re trying to get them back.

Since he’s been out, Tekashi 6ix9ine has splurged on things like cars and jewelry like they were going out of style. Now the rapper is blowing big bags on his girlfriend Jade amidst news of trouble in paradise in the form of designer handbags. Taking to Instagram for a major flex, 6ix9ine posted a photo with several Chanel bags, some big, some small, some bedazzled, and in various colors.

“You could get the biggest channel [sic] bag in the store if you want,” the controversial rapper wrote in the caption, tagging Jade. 6ix9ine posed in front of a multicolored Ferrari with six Chanel shopping bags sprawled out in front of him and a huge bouquet of flowers.

The rapper also posted a picture of the receipt, which apparently shows that he ran up his American Express card by blowing over $50K on the shopping spree. While some people in the comments respected the move, others clowned 6ix9ine and called him a simp claiming that Jade had moved on and he should too. “Dam bro u rlly love that girl,” one fan wrote. “It’s over she don’t want you, she finally woke up,” wrote another. “My boy simpin,” said another well-liked comment.

One fan told the rapper, “Put a ring on her finger and make it official,” and while it received some likes, it might not necessarily be the best solution. Rumors started swirling that 6ix9ine and Jade broke up after she deleted all his photos off her Instagram and wrote, “You deserve to be worshiped, from your crown to your root. Over and over again.” Clearly, the rapper is making an attempt to do his version of that now but will it be enough to win her over?