Govana Drops Visual For Anti-Badmind Anthem “Big Dreams”

Govana once again graces us with fresh quality content while frowning on “badmind” haters.

The dancehall deejay released what fans are saying is another big hit. The song titled “Big Dreams” was released on Wednesday and already making it to the trending lits, with a count that is still rapidly increasing. Released through the Quantanium Records label, the 3 minutes 16 second song tells a story of a man who was cut down because of his “Big Dreams.”

The song and video are dominated by the theme of jealousy and envy. The video opens on an all-white scene. The main protagonist sees a man waking up in a bed with white sheets, dressed in full white, representing success and great accomplishments. He is met with a lady, also wearing white who offers him a set of fancy jewelry and sends him through a door.

At the other side of the door, he is then met with a woman in a white top and black jeans, who offers him a glass of wine leads him to a white Maserati. But after a while, the jewelry and the car begin to fade. The same man is then seen in less lavish attire, sleeping, before being smothered with a plastic bag. The lavish settings represented his dreams and aspirations which are cut short when he is smothered to death.

Govana appears in the video at regular intervals smoking and singing as if he is the narrator of the story. The video suggests that this is a personal story for the artiste as an old photo of a young boy in khakis standing with his hands folded, captioned “Live On” is the final thing seen before it ends.

He sings “Mankind unkind, wicked and vicious, devil was an angel who can we trust?” This line seemed to be the favorite of fans who flooded the comment section with fire emojis.