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21 Savage Reveals The Hefty Price Tag Of His Pearly White Teeth

21 Savage reveals he parted ways with close to six figured to get his new pearly white teeth done.

The Atlanta rapper flashed his golden smile for years, but he recently became the latest rapper to trade in their grills for a more pristine and pearly white look. 21 Savage, now 28 years old, has never been shy about letting his fans know what’s up, so there was little surprise when he shared just how much he paid for his new smile.

Saint Laurent Don, as he is called on Twitter,wrote, “I paid 75k I’ll be damned if I let ya’ll say these teeth ain’t mine.”

Of course, since debuting his new set of teeth, 21 Savage has been the subject of relentless trolling on social media. One person commented, “There are some guys and ladies that feel the same about THEIR hair too…” This comment gained almost 4000 likes and almost 50 replies. Another person wrote, “That’s how women feel when they get their body done.”

Still, some people complimented the “Bank Account” rapper on his new teeth.

In January, rapper Plies also removed his grills and revealed a new smile even his mother was proud of. His old veneers went out in style as he held a mini funeral for his old grills. Plies Instagram bio has since been updated to “Pearly Plies” with a teeth emoji as he continues to celebrate his new smile.

Gold teeth or grills are very popular among the population of hip-hop artists, especially in the United States. The trend has been traced to over one thousand years ago but became much more popular in the ’80s. The wearing of gold teeth was seemingly revived by American rapper Nelly in 2005, with his hip hop single, “Grillz.”