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Plies Show Off Pearly White Teeth After Removing Signature Gold Teeth

Plies is showing off his new pearly white teeth after removing his signature gold teeth recently.

Fort Myers, Florida legend Plies has recently removed his trademark gold teeth. Strange enough, like all things Florida, that is not the most shocking part of the transformational act. That award goes to the rapper’s decision to have a ‘proper’ funeral service for the gleaming set. A somber instrumental backed the 44-year-old “Hypnotized” star, as he presided over the burial of the gold set that he has been sporting for decades.

“We all gather here today to bury my gold teeth. Finally took my old gold teeth out ya’ll, it been a long time coming but change gonna come,” he said while quoting a popular line from Sam Cooke. “But like they say, all great things must come to an end. Let’s all bow our heads, Heavenly father thank you for giving me gold teeth… Made a lot of money with them…but moving forward is a different me.”

On January 12, Plies tweeted, “The ONLY Way To Beat The Streetz Is To Leave The Streetz!!!!!!” His recent removal seems to be one more step along his journey of “Elevation” which he explained a bit further in the caption below his social media post.

“I Never Thought In A Million Years This Day Would Come!! I Wanted Elevation So I Stepped Out On Faith!!! I Ate Some Good Pu**y With Them Teeth Doe!!!!??? I Heard Women Love Men With Pretty Smiles!!!!”

The “Bust It Baby” star asked fans to ‘#StayTuned’ therefore, they could be in for a few more shocking changes from the rapper. What do you think he will be doing next?

While his music releases have been sparse as of late, Plies has managed to keep himself active on social media through his commentary on trending topics, usually of a political and racial nature..