Bounty Killer Sends Prayers To Mavado’s Son & Murder Victim’s Family

Mavado and Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer is sending a hopeful tribute to Mavado’s family amidst his son being sentenced to life in prison.

Mavado’s son Dantay Brooks was very recently sentenced to life in prison for the 2018 murder of Lorenzo Thomas. Brooks will be eligible for parole after serving 22 years, while his co-accused will be eligible after 17. The two have been in custody since 2018 and were finally sentenced on Friday when he was given 15 years for arson and 20 years for illegal possession of a firearm.

Bounty Killer took to Instagram to send his condolences in a lengthy post offering comforting words to the Brooks family. Alongside a photo of Mavado and Dante together, the Grung Gad wrote, “Let’s keep the prayers going up for David and Dantay and the family, Also condolences to the victim family since none of us knows what really took place that night,” he said. “But my heart is wrenching and any man with young sons would be as trouble never set like rain and nobody knows what tmrw brings’ its today for me and tmrw for you only one life we got so let’s live it right folks.”

He continued, “Life is consist of good and bad ups and downs troubles trials and even tragedy that we all have to survive to thrive Its Not An Easy Road. @mavadogully @popstylemusi SOUNDS SIMPLE BUT THATS WHAT HELPED ME THROUGH MY DARKERS DAYS PRAYERS WORKS.” The post garnered a lot of attention, including reactions from Quada, Gramps Morgan, and Charly Black.

Mavado and the rest of the Brooks family have been waiting for years to finally hear Dantay’s fate, and it is a hard pill to swallow that it has come down to this. Though the teenager was arrested at 16 years old, he was tried as an adult in criminal court. His attorney Peter Champagnie intends to appeal his sentence at the request of his clients, and he seems to think they have more than enough to make their case.

“A number of serious issues have arisen in terms of this trial to include the fact that blame was being laid at the feet of the police in Constant Spring to say that they had forced the witness to say certain things that were not true and even persons were interviewed or featured in this crime and released, in those circumstances coupled with the many, many, many inconsistencies and in some instances admissions that he, the witness, was not being truthful, it is fertile ground for appeal and we intend to pursue it,” said Champagnie in a recent statement.

Mavado is not only dealing with his son being put away for life but also the death of his mother. It must indeed be a mournful time for the Brooks family, and our deepest condolences go out to them during this difficult time.