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Quavo’s Sister Says Saweetie Is Not A Nice Person, Saweetie’s Aunt Claps Back

Quavo & Kashara Marshall

Quavo sister is calling out Saweetie following the couples recent split.

By now, you would have heard that Migos star Quavo and his love interest Saweetie have ended their relationship over unresolved issues, including talks of infidelity. Quavo even took to Twitter on Friday to share some tweets about the breakup where he noted he was disappointed in Saweetie and thought she was different.

To that end, Saweetie activated her savage mode and responded with two simple yet deadly words, “Take care.”

The pair had reportedly been in a 3-year relationship prior to the split after Saweetie claims “intimacy was given to other women.” The drama between these two seems to have extended over to their immediate families. Today a new series of posts again via social media went viral. The whole saga this time is going down between Quavo’s sister and Saweetie’s aunt.

The two women who were both defending their respective family members had quite a few things to get off their chest. Things apparently kicked off when Quavo’s sister posted this, “I have been quiet long enough….I see how this turning to a bash fest towards my brother and they aint about to happen at all none y’all know how Saweetie is in real life but I do and it ain’t good at all.”

Well, Saweetie’s aunt was having none of it and quickly ran to her Niece’s defense. She fired back, declaring, “Now now! Do we need Whitty to start airing this MF out??? I’m not gone be half as nice as ol Shara! What she not gone do is speak ill of my neice, I get very disrespectful about mine… Talkin bout she been quiet long enough. Girl it ain’t even been 24 hours. GTFOH”

She further noted that she would not have spoken out on the situation as it was not her business but since Quavo’s sister decided to make it her business, she felt the need to also comment.

Quavo’s sister decided she wasn’t letting up and added, “Who is Whitty b*tch I don’t know s*it bout you and you don’t s*it bout me but I do know yo Niece is a Self centered b*tch who know body likes! You wanna Air this b*tch out run it h*e this ain’t what you want! Trust Me! Only reason I was nice to any of y’all H*OES because of Qua!”

There has been no word from Saweetie or Quavo since the discourse between these two.

This entire dilemma seems far from ending, and so many fans are deeply invested in the outcome. Quavo and Saweetie were one of those “power couple” and “couple goals” pairing, so it’s not hard to imagine that their fans are struggling to come to terms with their separation. What are your thoughts? Do you think Quavo’s sister and Saweetie’s aunt should have kept their opinions to themselves, or were they justified in defending their respective relatives?