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Bow Wow Accused Of Using Drake’s Signature Flow In New Song “My Pain”

Did Bow Wow bite Drake’s flow on his new track?

The 33-year-old rapper/actor knows a thing or two about attracting the media’s attention, with the spotlight fixated on him from as early as the mid-90s. The recent years have seen the rapper’s character being assassinated many times over. Critics had found it hard to forget the time Bow Wow told his IG followers that he was flying private when he boarded a commercial airline.

The rapper was also recently dragged on social media for seemingly throwing a party on a tiny boat. Therefore, it does come as much of a surprise when the rapper’s name is mentioned outside of something that may cause a meme storm.

Leave it to the 6 God to make everything right, as just a day ago, he gave Bow Wow one of the biggest cosigns in recent times. Many would argue that it was the other way around since Drake credited Bow Wow for helping him and inspiring him to become the mega superstar he is today. The “Miss Me” rapper shared several videos shouting out Bow Wow Aka Wizzle as they partied in Houston.

“I had to link with Wizzle, everybody wants to have drinks and everybody wants to celebrate and turn up but I just had to see Wizzle in person,” said Drake. Bow Wow recently expressed his appreciation to Drake and a number of other persons who made his weekend a truly amazing experience.

“Big shoutout to that boy Drizzy Drake, I appreciate you. Man, what a party in Houston,” Bow Wow said.

Not surprisingly, it seems Bow Wow’s reputation has already begun to benefit from Drake’s cosign. Wizzle recently shared a link to his Twitter page promoting his most recent single, “My Pain.” For many persons, the drop clouded the fact that the song was released on February 05, 2021. Nonetheless, fans have already concluded that Drake’s shoutout was possibly due to the closeness of their flows and melodies between Bow Wow’s rendition and that of Drake. “My Pain” is a slow burner which is a technique that Drizzy has perfected from the get-go on tracks such as “Successful.” Aside from Drake, listeners have also declared that Nipsey Hussle’s influence is transcending through the song.

You can check out “My Pain” below.