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Drake Praises Bow Wow As His Inspiration After Historic Hot 100 Achievement

Drake says there would be no Drake if it wasn’t for Bow Wow.

Hip hop heads may argue that Canadian rapper Drake has always gotten his flowers whenever he accomplishes something great. On Monday, March 15, a day after The Grammys, there was no denying the 6 God, who added a few other exclusive accolades to his already immaculate list. He is now the only entertainer to have a total of 45 top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition to that accomplishment, Drake is now the first entertainer to debut three songs in the top 3 spots on Billboard Hot 100 chart after releasing his 3-track EP, Scary Hours 2. He now stands above two other entertainers, Ariane Grande and The Beatles, who have also had three songs in the top spots.

The 6 God is now in celebratory mode, and he decided to show his appreciation to one man who made it all possible, Bow Wow. Addressing Mr. 106 & Park by “Wizzle,” one of his many other aliases, Drake said, “I didn’t know how else to bring in 1,2,3 so I had to link with Wizzle.” He then sang a few lines from Bow Wow’s 2001 track “Thank You,” which featured Jagged Edge and Fundisha. The track was conceptualized as a way for then Lil Bow Wow to thank his fans.

“Congratulations to my n***a man, GOAT,” Bow Wow said.

Drake had a few additional words about Bow Wow as he closed out his evening.

“I had to link with Wizzle, everybody wants to have drinks and everybody wants to celebrate and turn up but I just had to see Wizzle in person,” said the “Miss Me” rapper to a post tagged to Bow Wow. “If it wasn’t for you there wouldn’t be no me and that’s why I’m a rapper.”

Drake’s evening was complete with drinks, number-shaped balloons, and a black cake decorated with the historic chart listing.

Bow Wow, now aged 33, has taken his share of public Ls in recent years, but the entertainer still boasts a pretty stellar musical history beginning in 1993. His debut album Beware of Dog, which was released in 2000, featured now-classic cuts such as “Bow Wow (That’s My Name)” featuring Snoop Dogg, “Puppy Love”, and “Ghetto Girls.” His early successes in both music and acting helped to inspire the likes of Drake, who apart from having a very successful musical career, also starred in the Canadian TV-show Degrassi.

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