Tupac Would’ve Been Critical Of The Grammys Says His Brother Mopreme

Tupac Shakur

The Grammys have come under fire within recent times as several artists have objected to the process of choosing the top tracks for the year. Most recently, The Weeknd called for a boycott of the event, and he was supported by Drake. They may have found a partner in Tupac Shakur if he was still alive, according to his brother Mopreme. He made the comments while being interviewed by TMZ.

Tupac is considered one of the greatest rappers to have ever lived, and ever since his death in
September 1996 fans have opined about what kind of person he would have been today. The rapper was well known for his outspoken demeanor and his unique take on topics like political and racial oppression. While it’s impossible now to know what his thoughts would have been on the Grammys, his brother gave some insight into how Tupac may have reacted.

Mopreme felt sure that Pac would have had some strong opinions about The Grammy Awards. He added that he believed the “Changes” singer would be very vocal with his feelings and would be “fighting tooth and nail” to bring about change in the long-running institution. He went on to say that it’s his belief that the Grammy voters are not aware of the different genres of music and are also not familiar with the artists. Something he believes Tupac would have picked up on.

Knowing his brother’s character intimately, he added it would not have been just lip service from Tupac but that he would have found a way to actively fight and apply pressure to ensure the change was realized. Mopreme went on to say that he feels sure Tupac would have encouraged the organizers to find innovative ways to find and celebrate new and upcoming artists. He would also encourage them to think more bravely and stay away from the safer mainstream options for awards, he continued. If he were alive, he would have continued to fight for the rappers who don’t get the recognition they deserve, he continued.

Tupac has never won a Grammy, even though his catalog is considered in a league of its own.