Dr. Dre’s Wife Nicole Young Denied Restraining Order Over Lyrics In New Song

Dr. Dre nicole
Nicole Young, Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre’s ex-wife has filed a restraining order against the rap mogul as she accuses him of sending her death threats.

The restraining order seeks to bar Dr. Dre from contacting Nicole and order him to stay away from her and her home in new filings in court on Thursday. The legal documents appealed to the court to bar Dr. Dre and stay at least 100 feet away from her. Young and Dr. Dre have married to Young for 25 years and have two adult children.

Last year Nicole Young announced the two were getting divorced, citing irreconcilable differences as the ground. She also claimed 2 million dollars in temporary spousal support from Dr. Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young. However, Dr. Dre said he couldn’t afford that, which led to a bitter back and forth in which Young divulged crucial information about the Beats creator, which included his lavish lifestyle and his many lucrative streams of income.

Dr. Dre eventually suffered a brain aneurysm in what his fans surmised was the stress from the divorce proceedings.

In the past weeks, the back and forth between the two and their attorneys continued to play out in court and in the public space. This new application for a restraining order is against Dr. Dre visiting Young’s Malibu home, which he has said in court documents that he pays for since the couple separated.

Young has claimed that she is receiving threatening text messages from Dr. Dre. She has made the same claim previously in which he said Dr. Dre told her, “if you allow [your attorneys] to disrespect me, dig into my personal business, that means war!!! And there’s no coming back that.”

Nicole Young says in her plea to the court is because she does not want Dr. Dre to contact her anymore, which includes emails, phone calls, or texts, and she also wants the judge to order Dr. Dre to stay away from the Malibu property which she has been occupying since their split.

The document was filed by Young’s divorce attorney Samantha Spector and also says Young was receiving death threats from Dr. Dre’s wide fan base and that the threats are likely to continue.

Dr. Dre’s Attorney Laura Wasser, however, disputed the allegations made by Young and told the judge that since the couple split, he has not seen his ex-wife, and there is no need for a restraining order. He further said that Young’s allegations are “old” allegations which she is using to get a restraining order.

Meanwhile, the judge has not ruled on granting the restraining order yet. TMZ reported that the judge has asked for more evidence before issuing the order and has asked for testimony in an inter-partes hearing from both parties. They are scheduled to re-appear in court in three weeks.

The 55-year-old rap legend has seen thousands of fans rally around him and offer moral support as he worked past his health challenges as well as get back in the rap game as he teased the release of one of his previously shelved albums. In a recent teaser, Dr. Dre can be heard rapping about his being hospitalized and referring to Young as a “greedy b**ch,” even while he laid at death’s door.

On the other hand, Young has clarified that her claim for $2 million a month spousal support is based on what ‘they’ earned in previous years and says the couple made $95 million in 2017 and $106 million in 2018. She’s banking heavily for a big payout based on California laws that assess divorce settlements based on the percentage of income earned by the spouse support is claimed from.

Dr. Dre is said to be a billionaire following the sale of his Beats By Dre headphones.