Vybz Kartel Calls Out Popcaan & Jah Cure Over Rumored Feud

Vybz Kartel weighs in on Popcaan and Jah Cure feud.

It has become commonplace to learn of musical entertainers finding fault with each other for whatever reason(s). In recent years we have seen where the battle lines have been drawn virtually, but in prior years, entertainers would face off on wax. This has not been the case for the latest rivalry between two veterans of Jamaica’s musical fraternity, Jah Cure and Popcaan.

Earlier this week, it was revealed by selector Foota Hype that the two men got into a physical confrontation where weapons were drawn. What was the reason for such an escalation? Apparently, it has much to do with an African beauty/groupie, with whom both men have connections. According to numerous sources, Jah Cure invited the female into the island to spend time with him.

An argument developed between Cure and the female a few days into the meetup after the singer’s sexual favors were not met. It was at this point that the female called the “Only Man She Want” deejay to give a helping hand. As the story goes, Popcaan and his entourage found themselves at Cure’s townhouse. The extraction was not an easy one, as a machete-wielding Jah Cure threatened Popcaan. It is believed that the female made off with Poppy in the end and was on a flight back to her native land by the next day.

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One of dancehall’s unwritten but core mantras is that disagreements between two males due to actions involving a female are strictly frowned upon. Yet, history has shown that an artiste’s pride and dignity may be at risk if no action is taken when such a scenario arises.

With this in mind, many have labeled Popcaan as the troublemaker for disrespecting Jah Cure at his premises. Others have labeled the Unruly Boss as a hero who may have saved the young lady’s life. Critics who concluded the latter submitted Cure’s checkered history of alleged rape and supposedly violent actions against women as their pieces of evidence.

Though there are no reports of the matter being reported to the police, one prominent dancehall figure who knows a thing or two about rivals is already calling for an end to whatever transpired.

Vybz Kartel took to his Instagram account to encourage both Cure and Poppi to work together instead of creating more division.

“Two giants a fight over groupie,” he asked rhetorically. “Run weh di gyal and drop a collab hombre,” came the additional advice.

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Popcaan and Jah Cure have previously collaborated on a track together called “Life Is Real,” which also featured Padrino.

Still, it would be a sign of their abilities to forgive and possibly forget if a joint track just between the two of them does come from the situation. For now, neither Jah Cure nor Popcaan has acknowledged that anything went down between them.