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DaBaby Gets Called Out As DaniLeigh Pregnancy Rumors Heats Up

Is DaBaby’s ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh, pregnant?

This seems to be the question on every fans’ lips. The singer/dancer is always in the news, especially since she made her relationship status with rapper DaBaby public, although that has since drastically fizzled out. This past weekend she was seen at a Los Angeles meet-and-greet, and since then, tongues have been wagging that the beauty seems to have had a possible baby bump. Or was she just bloated?

The “Easy” singer’s seemingly fuller appearance in the tummy area quickly had fans speculating not just if she was indeed pregnant but if her now ex DaBaby may be the father. DaBaby and DaniLeigh reportedly broke up a few weeks ago after DaniLeigh’s single “Yellow Bone” caused quite a stir on social media. She later apologized to her fans, who accused her of being a colorist. Using her own lyrics, “Yellow bone is what he wants,” back at her, fans jumped at the opportunity to tease the singer following their split.

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Speaking on the issue of her controversial song, she had a lot to get off her chest. “It can be a personal thing to certain people ’cause colorism is a real thing,” DaniLeigh said during an Instagram Live session. “But I’m not that. I’m not a colorist or a racist. I date a whole chocolate man. I have chocolate friends. Skin is not something I even see. Because you don’t know me it’s like let me tell you guys what I meant by that. Hopefully you guys can watch it with an open heart and genuine mind. I’m sorry, again. I offended people who are truly offended. I am sorry.”

Sadly that did nothing to quell the backlash, although she did have some support from fellow entertainer Stefflon Don who tweeted, “Can’t we just all get along ? dani leigh has been dragged enough and as a woman this makes me sad. We are all human no one is perfect. Please let’s all be nicer. Saying this with love, Have a blessed day everyone!”

That did not go as she planned, however, as fans began an assault on her reminding her of her own colorist remarks citing, “Birds of a feather,” likening her to DaniLeigh.

Now, since the pregnancy rumors have started circulating, DaniLeigh has begun trending online as the fans are wondering if she is, in fact, with a child. The criticisms have also been harsh, especially since she and DaBaby have broken up. In classic social media troll style, some even questioned if this was a new Tik Tok Challenge and if DaBaby had really gotten a “colorist Latina” pregnant. Some even went as far as speculating that if she is pregnant, what color the baby would be, as one fan prayed that the baby would come out “dark.”

Another fan even commented that DaBaby also had gotten one of his baby mommas pregnant. So it could be two possible babies on the way. Fans are having a field day with this as they complain about having thought that they had finally gotten rid of DaniLeigh, but if she is pregnant, then they’ll be stuck with her forever. They also sympathized with MeMe, DaBaby’s baby mother, stating that she’ll now have to put up with having Dani in her life long term as well.

So far, neither DaBaby nor DaniLeigh has commented on the rumors going around, but as is the norm these days, we’re sure in the coming days we will get some feedback from either of them, more likely from the latter party.