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DaniLeigh Calls DaBaby “My Baby” And His Baby Mama MeMe Respond

DaniLeigh and Dababy pic
DaniLeigh and Dababy

DaBaby and DaniLeigh have finally made their relationship Instagram official.

After a whirlwind year of back and forth and fans guessing whether or not DaBaby and DaniLeigh are still an item, the couple has finally decided to put the rumors to rest. They both shared posts of each other on Instagram in the middle of the night, confirming their previously elusive romance. DaniLeigh posted a photo of her hugging her rapper beau from behind, writing in the caption, “My baby” with a heart emoji adding, “idc.”

So not only is the cat out the bag but the gloves are off. The couple continued to prove that they “don’t care” with further posts on DaBaby’s Instagram stories which showed them having a good time at home eating and enjoying each other’s company. It was clear that they decided that last night was the night to show out for the ‘gram.

Earlier this year, when DaBaby and DaniLeigh were first romantically linked, DaBaby’s baby mama Meme stepped in to convolute the narrative, and it led to fans bashing the Def Jam singer hard. Since then, she has been distastefully linked to the former couple as a homewrecker, which she has denied profusely.

Dani explained that she thought DaBaby was single, which she reiterated in a song on her recently released album Movie. “You used to be my man / Then your baby mama thought the same / How we both fall for your game,” she sings on “Famous.” Just over a week ago, the singer was playing the song on Instagram while showing off DaBaby’s plaque hanging on her wall.

DaBaby has also been communicating mixed signals, especially for fans who have been trying to decipher what’s going on between the couple for months. On one of his tracks titled “8 Figures” from his latest album, My Brother’s Keeper (Long Live G), DaBaby calls Dani his “Dominican boo thing” and said he was “on FaceTime with movie,” her album namesake and apparently his nickname for the singer as well.

As usual, the mother of DaBaby’s baby had to intervene when she saw social media going into a tizzy shortly after her baby daddy and his new flame spilled the beans. Meme took to her own Instagram stories last night to share a selfie of her and Baby writing, “Was this a month ago?” she asked, adding a series of crying laughing emojis.

TSR shared Meme’s story in an Instagram photo informing fans that she “entered the chat,” which prompted her to comment, “Dat way” with more laughing emojis and the flexed bicep emoji.

At this point, fans no longer see Meme as a victim of infidelity and rather an ex scheming to make trouble. Her conveniently timed Instagram story came off as a “jealous ex” type rather than the “he’s trying to play us” type. That being said, DaniLeigh is no longer being bombarded with the title of “homewrecker” fans are just glad that they don’t have to keep guessing what her relationship status is anymore.

Now that DaBaby and DaniLeigh have wrapped up the year with their epic “new couple alert” posts, they have ended a year-long scavenge for the truth. Should we start voting on shipper names because I’d like to nominate ‘DaBaLeigh’.