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Bobby Shmurda Explains Why He Declined Drink From A Female In This Viral Video

Bobby Shmurda has reacted to a video of him making the rounds.

The New York rapper sent fans into a frenzy on Friday night after a viral video surfaced of him in the club and refusing a drink in a cup from a white woman. Many of his fans applauded him for making the right choice of denying the cup, which presumably had alcohol in it. In the viral video, Bobby Shmurda is seen wearing a Dior branded shirt as he sits with his mask on.

A female offers a cup that looks like a shot glass with what many thinks contain alcohol, but Bobby Shmurda quickly reacts as he uses his right-hand index finger to wave back and forth to indicate no to the drink, and then he politely raises a water bottle in his hand to indicate he isn’t drinking.

Of course, his fans became suspicious that someone was filming at the same time the drink is offered and commended him for refusing. Shmurda, on the other hand, reacted to the video as he confirmed that one of his probation conditions is to not use any substance. He is on probation until 2026 after serving six (6) years in jail.

The viral video was apparently taken at his welcome home party hosted by family and friends, and the woman who offered the drink is said to be a bottle service girl. The rapper reacted to the video to drive home his point of never going back to jail by saying “hell nah a n***a on parole playas” with the goofy face emoji.

Shmurda became news headlines this week following his release from jail and being picked up by friend Quavo in a private jet. Videos of his happy and jubilant family were shared online. It seems that the rapper’s time behind bars has not only seen him physically mature, but he is also mentally mature as he appreciates the consequences that come with breaching his parole conditions.

In a video released shortly after his release from prison, Bobby Shmurda told Meek Mill that “I’ll be light-skinned in Jamaica before I go back,” in reference to not returning to jail. The rapper is of Jamaican descent.