Justin Bieber Announces “Justice” Album: Everything You Should Know

Justin Bieber’s new album drops in less than a month.

The R&B crooner announced his impending album Justice today (February 26) on Twitter. He shared a lengthy explanation to his fans about his aim with this particular body of work which he says will arrive on March 19th. In a series of tweets explaining how the term and title Justice is relevant to the current socio-political climate of the world, Justin Bieber says he is just doing his part to contribute to healing, however small it may seem.

“In a time when there’s so much wrong with this broken planet, we all crave healing and justice for humanity,” Bieber wrote on Twitter. “In creating this album, my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to, and connect to, so they feel less alone.”

He continued, “Suffering, injustice and pain can leave people feeling helpless. Music is a great way of reminding each other that we aren’t alone. Music can be a way to relate to one another and connect with one another.”

The singer made a similar statement last year in the thick of the civil unrest and issues of police brutality that peaked with George Floyd’s death. Justin Bieber’s 2015 album reminds us, each person has a different “purpose” in this world, and if we commit to using our gifts, we can contribute greatly to the betterment of humankind. While he is a big dreamer, Justin doesn’t claim to be able to solve all the world’s problems with his amazing voice but rather wants to add to the conversation and be the change he wants to see.

“I know that I cannot simply solve injustice by making music, but I do know that if we all do our part by using our gifts to serve this planet, and each other, that we are that much closer to being united. This is me doing a small part. My part. I want to continue the conversation of what justice looks like so we can continue to heal,” the singer wrote.

Justin Bieber, who has never won a Grammy for a solo performance, earned four nominations from the Academy this year. His upcoming album Justice follows 2020’s Changes which was nominated for Pop Vocal album. He also received a nod for Pop Solo Performance for his song “Yummy,” Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Intentions” with Quavo, and Country Duo/Group Performance for “10,000 Hours.”

Justice is a 5-track EP slated to be released on March 19, 2021, and is currently available for preorder. Among the songs and artists featured are the already released singles “Holy” with Chance The Rapper and “Lonely” with Benny Blanco. There are also acoustic versions of these tracks available, as well as “Anyone,” which is the only solo track.