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Jayda Cheaves Says Lil Baby Not The Reason She Sold Custom Jeep: Explains Why

Jayda Cheaves has sold her custom Wayda Pink Jeep that was gifted to her last year by her ex Lil Baby after having a “safety” incident.

Jayda put up various photos and videos of the Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2020 model on Wednesday and said she was selling it. While offering no more information, she did drop in an explanation that there was an incident while driving it one night. “I was getting rid of my Jeep because I had an incident one night while driving it. Nothing more nothing less. Safety comes first,” she affirmed.

The one-of-a-kind custom Jeep was gifted to her last September by Lil Baby while they were dating. However, the two seem to have parted ways after various cheating scandals and her airing the accusations publicly. The two have a one-year-old child that they co-parent, Jayda confirmed in early 2020 but later around May, they seemed together as well as on her birthday when he gifted her the Jeep. However, the couple later broke up at the end of 2020 after an adult porn star claimed that Lil Baby paid her to have sex with him. He later confessed to the claim despite initially denying it.

Despite her explanation, some fans still thinks she’s being petty for selling the unique gift. “Question Jayda you sold the pink Jeep, what about the other car you got from Christmas & what about the jewelry he gave you, you giving that back too,” one fan quipped.

Jayday Cheaves responded saying, “You think if I was selling a car being petty I’d sell the cheapest one when I have two in my garage that are worth more? Y’all can’t be that crazy & pls not under my baby post.”

The head-turning vehicle, though, is easy to spot and makes for easy spotting as fans across social have seen her and pointed her out while she was out driving.

The latest scary incident was the attempt to shoot CyHi the Prince after unknown assailants tracked down his car, followed him, and fired shots at the car, leading to the vehicle crashing. The rapper who detailed his near-death experience says he has no explanation why someone would want him dead.

It seems that Jayda is also taking precautions as exuberant fans can go overboard in stalking and harassing fans. One such example was the incident earlier this year when Nicki Minaj’s number was leaked, and persons added her to a WhatsApp group as they harassed her. Minaj, who had just expected her first baby, had then placed the group members’ number online, which led to her fans going after them.