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Dr. Dre Breaks Silence On Divorce With Eye-opening Bars On “Detox” Album Snippet

Dr Dre
Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre has broken his silence on his bitter divorce battle and recent hospitalization in a new snippet of his oft-delayed album, Detox.

Dr. Dre might be finally addressing his recent hospitalization that left fans and family members worried about his health after he was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm. Since his release from the hospital, he has been reportedly busy in the studio, and a snippet of his hard work in the form of a snippet of a KXNG Crooked collaboration has hit the internet, which has fans speculating that it may or may not be from his upcoming ”Detox” album.

In an Instagram live video, a two-minute preview of the unmastered track, Dr. Dre seems to reference his ongoing divorce proceedings with estranged wife Nicole Young as well as the period he spent in the hospital.

“(b##ch) Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury, I see you trying to f**k me while I’m in surgery/ In ICU, death bed, on some money sh*t/ Greedy b*tch, take a pick, girl you know how money get …by any means get your hand up out my pocket/ This life is private just like the pilot, it’s been decided, this Poseidon,” he raps.

Crooked comes in with, “Tin man sh*t, your magic lack heart Thought it was voodoo, we making magic with this black art.”

In a post on Instagram, Crooked also posted a photo that included Dr. Dre in the studio with the caption, “I told the [G.O.A.T] I’m on a mission with this one.” Dr. Dre looked healthy and normal, something fans were happy to see.

The Detox Album has been teased for release for 2021. This means that the album is almost ten years in the making after being first announced for release in 2002 by Dr. Dre but later put off as the legendary producer worked on projects for 50 Cent, Eminem, and The Game. In 2015, Dr. Dre hinted that he had scrapped the project after working on it for more than a decade and instead of releasing “Compton: A Soundtrack By Dr. Dre.”

In the meantime, the divorce proceedings are underway, and it has become quite bitter between the two as Young has gotten determined to get as much money from the settlement with Dre. She has so far demanded $2 million in spousal support per month and has rebutted Dr. Dre’s submissions to the court that he does not have money to honor her demands.

Instead, Nicole Young has gone on an exposing spree as she discloses the magnitude of Dr. Dre’s investments and his living expenses along with details of allegations that he has several outside relationships and has been funding the lifestyles of younger women, including buying expensive apartments and luxury vehicles for them.